Monday 4/30 Training Log

PT Stretches
RX Warm-up

Squat 15/15 45/45#
Pushups 15/15 45degree off countertop
Bent Over Rows 15/15 45/45#
Step Up 15/15 no weighs
Prone Jackknife 8/8 no weights

Slept fitfully as I was waiting for a phone call to help a friend. Woke up everytime my phone beeped or chirped. Got a call about 2pm that help wasn’t needed today… and naturally could not go back asleep. Tossed and turned a bit then got up. Ate a banana and sipped some water to end my fast. Quick trip to the store for cat food and rotisserie chicken. Nibbled a chicken leg then worked out.

By lowering my weight I was able to achieve good form and ROM.

I caught myself pacing around between sets and had to laugh. I always thought that was just “peacocking” in lunkheads! Now I get why they do it! I literally had to do that! Too funny!

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