Hip: What the hell?

Somehow I managed to get a splinter in my toe Thursday night at work. No biggie except limping back to my desk triggered my hip. Nearly a week of greatly decreased hip pain and then a teensy tiny sand-spur kicked my ass. I spent the night popping Aleve and icing my hip.

Friday was spend-the-day-in-bed-day for me. Between my hip hurting and just the exhaustion from a mentally stressful week of work knocked me out. I curled up in bed with the laptop. Browsed my favorite blogs, goofed off on Facebook, and lurked on Reddit. I would sleep for a couple of hours, be up for a couple of hours, sleep some more. I just let my body do what it needed.

Saturday I was an adult and got stuff done around the house. I needed to lift but even vacuuming aggravated my hip. Let’s be honest. I wimped the fuck out. I know some deadlifts and lunges will make me feel better overall but I’m still so comfortable being miserable I have a hard time making the deliberate choice to be good to myself.

Saw The Pirates! Band of Misfits with CurrentLover. We originally planned on seeing The Raven but he decided he wasn’t interested. I’d like to see Safe too. Saw a preview for ParaNorman which I thought looks cute. I can dig some good animation/claymation.

I’ve got several posts percolating in my brain and I need to get them on into words, plus I have a Guest Blogger who will be sharing what I like to call “Shit Someone Should Have Told Us”.

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