Monday 4/23 Workout

Hip flared up PLUS 4 day camping trip PLUS work issue equals no lifting for me. To help deal with the hip inflammation I’ve removed nightshades from my diet, changed to Krill Omega-3 oil, and increased joint supplements (so tired I can’t remember what all I take LOL)

PT hip stretches
px warmup

squat – 15/10 – 55lbs
pushup – 14/10 – 45degree
bent over rows – 15/15 – 55lbs
stepup – 15/15 – no weight
jackknife – 8/8 – no weight

ice on hip for 10 mins

I was very nauseous after working out. It took about 20 mins to recover. Realized I worked out on empty stomach: nuked yam at 7:30am, bed by 8:15am, wake at 12:30pm, back to sleep at 2pm, up at 6:30pm, got dressed and worked out.

I had intended to just see what I could, not push my hip/knee, but was moving really well so did what I could to fatigue.

I noticed the nausea first when doing my pushups. It was a tightness in across the base of my throat that I was interpreting as feeling sick. It stopped when I finished my pushups. It returned as soon as I stopped working out. I may have drank too much water and stopped to abruptly.

I’ll sip instead of gulp, and ‘walk it off’ instead of collapsing next time. I also suspect that I may have been dehydrated due to the Benedryl I took when I woke at 12:30. I woke up congested, snuffy, and sneezing.

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